Saturday, June 26, 2010

Congratulations to Andrew & Connie!

'Their' most anticipating moment has finally come to past. Not just them, but also us who hears about their months of preparations just for this day. Even the date was printed as part of the church events calender. 'June 12, 2010' -Andrew & Connie Wedding :) Hooray! We can officially call you both Uncle and Aunty Chow...whoopss..hope it doesn't sounds too typical...haha

It was a mixture of joyous and sentimental moment where we see tears and smiles at the same time. Well, in days and years to come, I prayed that God will grant you both a journey full of cheer, happiness and joy where it brings S-M-I-L-E every moment. You both have been a great friend and encourager to me in many ways. Thank You! Indeed, it's a blessing that I will cherish for life :) Oh yea..remember the tagline given by us...'Go forth and multiply' wahahahaha

Hope you both enjoyed the 'Nobody but You' presentation as a gift from WonderFriends like us :) :)

This is what I meant sentimental moment..

all SMILES now :)

3 beautiful bridesmaid

all four ready to go

awwwww..she can't wait!

sunflower cupcake

Grace-Me-Mrs Chow