Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Appointed VS Lead

The Lord says, ' I will grant you the strength to run the race and you will not be alone'. Pastor Julie came to share in our recent leaders meeting and she questioned us this, 'Were you appointed or lead to join the youth ministry?' That really struck my thoughts as I looked back how it all started for me serving in the ministry. It makes me think a lot for the past few weeks. I enjoyed serving because I simply love people and that's the passion that keeps me going. I do cherish the moments spent with the leaders and youths. For sure it's one of the most fun learning cum serving experience. Things has become a little different for the past 1 year when there were times I felt totally burnt out, tired and not much of excitement. It was merely a plain season for me. Experiences has taught me well that when I reach this phase, it's time to just 'selah' which requires reflect and refresh so that I can move on. It's just so different this time because it has prolong to a point where I'm actually searching for God's direction in this ministry. I thought I knew it well but hmmm... not very sure what's next. Just gotta hang on and pray till things happen.