Monday, April 26, 2010

God given friendship :)

I always believe that every friendship is a gift of God and indeed, friendship that shows extraordinary care and support :) I thank God for these people that have crossed my life with words of encouragement, prayers, and laughter that we shared together as one *smilessssss* Whenever my inner "garbage capacity" is full, they are ever willing to lend a listening ear. While when its empty, they are here to speak words of encouragement. Truly enjoyed the time we spent together. Thank you so much and may our friendship continue to grow as a pillar of support for each other yea :) :)

Hugsss for *Bubbles, Blossom, and Professor Utonium*

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sawadikap-Chiang Mai Fun

Here's some updates from my recent trip to Chiang Mai... Had lots of makan, laughter, fun, and sight seeing which was a worth trip overall. Enjoy the pictures!

Floral Garden

White Temple, Golden Triangle

Maetang Elephant Park, Water Rafting, Long Neck Village, Katoke Palace, Orchid Farm

V-Soy, Chiang Mai Laksa, Thai Fragrant Rice, Arirang Steamboat, BK Pork Burger, etc

Katake Palace, Chiang Mai Rojak, Mango with sticky rice, Dai-Thong Coffee, Corn Yoghurt

I'm F.R.E.E!!

4 months down and I'm here to officially launch my FREEDOM! It may sounds pretty relax with just one subject,and yes indeed I was kind of like lazy but I know I did my best and God's has been faithful, that is more than enough :) Though I was so nervous (the normal kan-cheongness in me), din't manage to sleep well and woke up wee hours with the help of my 2 alarm, but thank God it went well.

What's next after exam? When to check out the booths in MV career fair and then met up with Sook Ping and Kit Yan for dinner. The career fair wasn't very impressive cos there were only a handful choice that relates to the industry that I'm keen on. On the other hand, my friends were feeling more excited than me that my exams are over for real..So we had a celebration dinner in Din Tai Fung, The Gardens. The food were just so so, was expecting more since the place was pack and their specialty is Shanghai Ramen. After all, companions matters most :)