Saturday, December 31, 2011

Chapter closed for 2011

I was just casually chatting with my colleagues about plans for the weekend, knowing many would want to spend their countdown moments with family/friends, stuck in the jam and crowded places with people. Only intention is to get some fun and watch fireworks. It's all about 'hype' I somehow different for me this year. I chose to be away from the hassle and spend a peaceful-restful new year eve with my loved ones :)

It has been a year of stormy-challenging-closer bond, both personal and family. There were ups and downs moments where it really struck me to questioned God many times. Some prayers were answered yet some were left behind with thoughts. It was quite a struggle learning to trust God in times when I don't seem to understand. No matter how tough it was and it is to come, I just wana thank God for being faithful and standing by our family through the times. Thank you Lord!

Looking back and moving forward, my prayer is that whatever left behind, it will come to a closure and God will continue to see us through with His abundant blessings as a family. Pray for His promises to be fulfilled in each of our lives as we journey into year 2012.

Personally, I hope that God will also grant me with a bigger and clearer magnifying glass to drill deeper on His plans for me. Blessed New Year peepss!!

Gong Gong and Po Po welcoming the arrival of baby Kadenn

Watching baby Kadenn little steps@5months old

November babies celebration

Campbell's Ho Chi Minh Conference trip

My first trip to Seoul, Korea

Alvin and Lind-Say Wedding in Passion Road

Christmas and New Year Eve@Pinnacle Duxton with family