Saturday, December 31, 2011

Chapter closed for 2011

I was just casually chatting with my colleagues about plans for the weekend, knowing many would want to spend their countdown moments with family/friends, stuck in the jam and crowded places with people. Only intention is to get some fun and watch fireworks. It's all about 'hype' I somehow different for me this year. I chose to be away from the hassle and spend a peaceful-restful new year eve with my loved ones :)

It has been a year of stormy-challenging-closer bond, both personal and family. There were ups and downs moments where it really struck me to questioned God many times. Some prayers were answered yet some were left behind with thoughts. It was quite a struggle learning to trust God in times when I don't seem to understand. No matter how tough it was and it is to come, I just wana thank God for being faithful and standing by our family through the times. Thank you Lord!

Looking back and moving forward, my prayer is that whatever left behind, it will come to a closure and God will continue to see us through with His abundant blessings as a family. Pray for His promises to be fulfilled in each of our lives as we journey into year 2012.

Personally, I hope that God will also grant me with a bigger and clearer magnifying glass to drill deeper on His plans for me. Blessed New Year peepss!!

Gong Gong and Po Po welcoming the arrival of baby Kadenn

Watching baby Kadenn little steps@5months old

November babies celebration

Campbell's Ho Chi Minh Conference trip

My first trip to Seoul, Korea

Alvin and Lind-Say Wedding in Passion Road

Christmas and New Year Eve@Pinnacle Duxton with family

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The 'Digging' process

Can you guess the relation of this picture with this post? Its neither learning ABC nor learning about colours. It rather speaks about my interview process in Nestle today. I'm thankful that God answered my prayer. I was shocked to receive their call during my saturday noon nap. Weird hour huh? Probably meeting timeline to shortlist the candidates.

It was another amazing interview experience with 50 minutes of Q&A session. In fact, they told me is the 3rd stage of selection. So, understandable why they questioned in detail. Both interviewers were pretty professional. I would term them as all rounder. Even the HR personnel also knows about brand equity. During the interview, I was exactly like the box with different content inside. They actually 'dig' things within me one after another..after asking for A, then they go further with B, C, D and the list goes on. Practically, I don't have the time to even think how to answer. Just gotta speak intelligently.

It was very much testing on my character, then experience, then examples, and the hardest comes when they asked me off guard questions like what other USP (unique selling point) can you think of for this product? Mind you all these brain squeezing questions were from the mouth of this HR personnel.

Overall, it was a good learning process and I did my very best. At least I know what to expect from big firms like this in the future. I do hope I can be part of Nestle but Management Trainee position is really a tough program. I dare not think beyond the outcome but its just the time to pray and wait for God to decide.

2 BFF went for interview together :)

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Always pray and not give up!

Today's message by Pastor Lawrence leave a deep thought in me. Its about how we should pray prayers that Touches Heaven, Changing Earth. He uses the passage on Luke 18:1-8 about a widow whom keep on bugging a judge to grant her justice against her enemy. Due to her consistency, the judge actually give in to her request with the thoughts of avoiding the bothering process anymore. This parable clearly defines that we should always pray and not give up. Its definitely another hard core process.

There are 3 types of prayers that we should adapt in our daily walk. Persistent prayer can be summarized in few scenarios. If we pray with a wrong motive, God says NO. If we pray at the wrong timing, God says SLOW DOWN, If we pray and the answer is delayed, God wants us to GROW,and if we pray at the right timing, God says GO! These points are still running through my mind. Trying to see the possibility in my current prayer requests.

Prophetic prayer is prayer that goes beyond the ordinary situation. In other words, we should stretch our prayers towards the future.In Habakuk 1: 5, it says watch whats happening and pray! When the answer comes, spiritual revival take place. Sometimes, we may find it hard to express in words and yes. crying can also be a form of prayer to God. It's praying in the spirit.

Lastly, Passionate prayer is all about our dedication and commitment to pray. Its not trying to set time for prayer but instead, it should be build within our schedule and habit to pray daily. Again, it strikes me to really evaluate my current prayer life. Hmmmm..

It may seem to be a hard core process, but His word is always an encouragement to bring us hope.

Romans 8:28 And we know in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have called according to his purpose.

Daniel 10:12 Do not be afraid, Daniel. Since the first day you set your mind to gain understanding and to humble yourself before God, your words were heard, and I have come in to response to them.

I shall hope in the Lord and knowing that in all times, God make things beautiful :) Pray and trust!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Recharge and Digest

It was set to have 2 meetings today for CG planning and Frenz Ministry. Ended up with 3 meetings with the additional for Social Concern Ministry. One after another. Seriously serious I was zoom off during the last meeting and merely listening meanwhile digesting the plans and activities shared by Doreen. A thought to ask myself again am I ready to take up commitments? As much as I want to serve and feeling excited, its also a concern whether can I do it knowing there are so many uncertainties ahead of me? Perhaps should learn to cling on for I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me Phil 4:13. I want to recharge to serve and digest to the reason of serving. Variety of His 'fruits' to digest one at a time.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

3D Challenge

We had our first YF leaders meeting and it's gonna be a year of transformation Inside-Out. More servants, more brains, more ideas and there it goes more fun and noises during the meeting.Reviewing new lesson is the 'BIG TASK' for all leaders in 2o11. No more last minute nor simplified lessons but deep hard core bible study. Something different yet challenging as it requires LOADS of reading.

God is moving in us and through us. Believing that He will also move among the youths. A challenge to grow in Devotion, Dedication and Discipline. Personally am challenged to spend more time with God, listening and humbling before Him. Dedicated to this people ministry by doing what I can, I like and I should. Putting myself in His training ground to grow with discipline.

Good start ahead and looking forward to serve. Anticipating to see God's work in the young peoples life :)