Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The 'Digging' process

Can you guess the relation of this picture with this post? Its neither learning ABC nor learning about colours. It rather speaks about my interview process in Nestle today. I'm thankful that God answered my prayer. I was shocked to receive their call during my saturday noon nap. Weird hour huh? Probably meeting timeline to shortlist the candidates.

It was another amazing interview experience with 50 minutes of Q&A session. In fact, they told me is the 3rd stage of selection. So, understandable why they questioned in detail. Both interviewers were pretty professional. I would term them as all rounder. Even the HR personnel also knows about brand equity. During the interview, I was exactly like the box with different content inside. They actually 'dig' things within me one after another..after asking for A, then they go further with B, C, D and the list goes on. Practically, I don't have the time to even think how to answer. Just gotta speak intelligently.

It was very much testing on my character, then experience, then examples, and the hardest comes when they asked me off guard questions like what other USP (unique selling point) can you think of for this product? Mind you all these brain squeezing questions were from the mouth of this HR personnel.

Overall, it was a good learning process and I did my very best. At least I know what to expect from big firms like this in the future. I do hope I can be part of Nestle but Management Trainee position is really a tough program. I dare not think beyond the outcome but its just the time to pray and wait for God to decide.

2 BFF went for interview together :)