Sunday, May 30, 2010

Rumah Manis Rumah :)

I feel great to be back homeeeeyyyyy! Family awaits me, friends awaits me, mum's cooking awaits me, practices awaits me, job hunting awaits me, pillow and bolster awaits me, mailbox awaits me and whatever that I've not been in contact for the past 3 weeks! Tired, sleepy, body ache even as I unpack my luggage. Need some time to recuperate and readjust myself with the hustle and bustle life here. I MISS the cool air, shivering morning, and people in Camp Cameron!! More updates to come, stay tune ya!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


There are just so many things that I dream about in life. Big dreams, small dreams, and it includes dreams that I guess it won't come to pass. Still, I think is okay to dream about it as it'll add on a little happiness in me :) Maybe I should just pray for the impossible to happen one fine day..

I'll be so happy IF I can just sit on the nice sandy beaches everyday, rest-relax while enjoying the sunrise-sunset, getting a total different life experience studying overseas, going backpack with a group of fun and adventurous people, Aussie and Europe tour, food tasting everywhere and the list shall go in years to come lol..