Sunday, July 26, 2009

Clueless :(

I sat down for 1.5 hours, trying my very best to read up on IMS,well prepared with notes, study area and text book, somehow I ended up being clueless not knowing what exactly I'm reading on :( I really tried so hard to find the linkage of her notes towards the given study area but NOTHING out of it! I'm very nervous now cos I don't wana sit in the exam hall feeling clueless for 3 hours..Im lost Im worried and I don't seem to have anymore motivation to read on this subject..I believed everyone in the class felt the same way as I am but these people just have a 'don't care' attitude and not even wanting to ask her about it. What can a lone ranger do then? sigh..

God, I really need your wisdom to tell me which are the important areas to study. I find no help in others except from You

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Last of the last..

Finally I had my last of the last class in UCSI..ending my 3 years of Marketing degree with just 5 minutes in Marketing Promotion lecture..heehe..guess I'll kinda miss the yakking session with some of my frens :( but one thing for sure I'll definitely won't miss those lecturer whom are super lousy! okies time to work again..chiowzzzz

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

When going gets tough, tough gets going

I'm finally back in action for now..just realized that Ive not been blogging for quite some time prob bout 2 months..well kinda busy with assignments, mid terms and thesis..which I'm still struggling to complete...thesis is really tough and its making me stress each day..I'm already a stress person by nature, plus expectations and limited guidelines.. I just feel like giving up each time :( Seriously ever since I started my thesis, somehow I felt that Im getting more dumb, lazy, slow..maybe because I just can't be a big thinker as my supervisor expected..or maybe is me being too careful to make sure that Im doing the perfect not too sure though. It's gonna be due in one month time and all I can do now is to DO MY BEST! I'm practically getting lesser sleep each day and its kinda like RUSH HOUR for me! sigh..go go Jan! I can do it through Christ who strengthens me!

okie back to thesis!